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Testimonial from Aoife Carragher of AA Roadwatch

Over the past three years I have become a bone fide member of the Association of Running Addicts. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that previous to January 2010, I didn’t really do much in the way of exercise, now I get the itch if two days go by and I haven’t put on the runners.

Like so many people I was a very active child and teenager but when I started to go out and especially when I went to college, my social life came way ahead of any need I felt to keep fit. In first year at NUI Maynooth I put on the obligatory freshers fourteen and maybe a few extra pounds to be certain. In the following years I did lose some weight but it wasn’t until I started working with AA Roadwatch and I moved to Dublin that I decided to try and get myself into shape. I started out going to the gym and while this was useful, the gym just wasn’t for me. I’m low maintenance all the way, or so I like to think! For me the gym was too much hassle, I got irritated waiting for machines, I was intimidated by the gym goddesses gliding on the treadmill next to me and the whole operation just took too long for my liking.

Instead, on a nice dark evening in January, when I knew nobody could see my blotchy red face, I set myself the target or running from Drumcondra to Whitehall Church and back, a distance of about 4km. I probably stopped about ten times and definitely walked a good proportion of it but I did it and I kept doing it. In April of that year I did the Great Ireland Run, in the September I did a Half Marathon in the Phoenix Park and the following May I tried out my first Cooley Coast Run – I was there from the beginning!

The Cooley Coast Run has been one of my favourite races and I’ll definitely be back this year to do it again. The Cooley Coast is just stunning and this race really gives you a chance to take it all in. Every year so far we’ve been very lucky with the weather so the race has been really enjoyable.

My mantra since I started running has been ‘no excuses’. Anyone who works shifts or any kind of unsociable hours will know how difficult it can be to force yourself to put the running gear on and walk out the door; that’s the hardest part. In my opinion it’s much easier to get motivated and to keep running when you set yourself achievable targets and work towards them. For me, the Cooley Coast Run is one of these targets.




Ciaran Gormley Name: Ciaran Gormley

Age: 40 and 3/4

How did you get into running?
It was through running a race under 7 at Cooley Sports Day and coming in first and thinking this could be a handy way to make a living. I joined the brilliant club Glenmore AC and they helped me improve and train properly. As with all things in life I was juggling Gaelic football and running and the football then took over. However now that I'm in my extremely early 40's and well retired from football, I'm enjoying running now more than ever. I hope that Hannah and Luke will take to it in their own time and my knees survive to run with them.

How many miles would you run in a week?
20 to 25 depending on the wind direction.

Do you take part in any other sports?
Mountain biking, orienteering, hiking, kayaking, bird watching:)

What is your biggest accomplishment in running?
Beating Mr Murphy at Rathcor School in a 100m sprint when I was in 5th class.

Have you completed any marathons / half marathons / 10k races? What is your personal best time?
I did a good few 1/2 marathons and 10k's but still waiting on a good downhill marathon to be organised so I can use my Heelies to complete it.

What would be your ultimate achievement in running?
To keep her lit till I'm old and wrinkly. Ciaran Gormley 

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?
It’s not the amount of days in your life that is important; it’s the amount of life in your days. Live in the Now.

What advice would you give to newcomers taking part in the Cooley Coast Run?
Start off all training with a warm up and stretch particularly your leg muscles. Be well hydrated before you begin and try to have at least a two hour gap since your last meal. Over doing it initially is a common mistake so start off with short runs or run/walks and gradually build up your mileage. A five minute run followed by a two and a half minute walk repeated three to four times would be a good start. Then slightly increasing the runs and lessening the walks as you get fitter. Wear the best runners you can afford ie Asics or Brooks as they are designed to absorb the heel strike on the road and prevent injuries. Stretch gently for five minutes after you cool down at the end of your training as the muscles are more pliable when warm. Rehydrate after training and go easy on the vino etc as this dehydrates you a lot! Train, eat, drink and sleep. Enjoy the training and the challenge. Don’t get caught up in timings etc as its all about fun and trimming that body down!

Anything else you would like to share?
Don't forget to hit the gig in the Complex after the race to rehydrate yourselves! It'll be a great event with enjoyment being the priority. Best of luck to you all particularly the maiden voyagers!



Name: Fintan Murphy 

21 for the 22nd time!! 

Why did you decide to take part in this 12.5k race?
Someone once told me to get a Motor-bike or Hair Extensions – Runners were cheaper!! 

Are you doing much training for it?
I try to get out to do a bit at least once or twice a week 

In what time do you hope to complete the race?
As long I come in before Saturday I’ll be happy! I want to set a new record in the “Digger-Driver category” 

What motivational advice would you give to others considering doing the Cooley Coast Run?
“You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind”!!! 

What are your other interests?
I have a keen interest in the GAA following the Kickhams and the County of course.  Enjoy a bit rugby too. I’m also a whizz in the kitchen not to mention arts and crafts!!! Not to mention facebook…I’m never off it!! 

Whats your favourite film / book / drink / restaurant?
Film – The Godfather
Book – Any autobiography
Drink – A pint of Carlsberg in Longs!!
Restaurant – A nice steak in Donegans 

Most embarrassing moment?

Too many to single out – I wouldn’t know where to start! 

Have you any special fan club or people you want to mention?
Want to give a Big Thank you to Orla and my 3 biggest fans Aisling, Shauna and Fionn who have to listen to me in person!



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